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  • Object: Washboard

    Oct 04, 2018

    I-0093a Washboard ca. 1920 Materials: Wood, Glass This object is a washboard, which was used to wash clothes. Before there were a washing machines and dryers to clean and dry our clothes a washboard and a clothesline were everyday household [...]

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  • Object: Pike-halberd

    Oct 03, 2018

    I-0126a Pike-halberd 1970s replica of a 15th century halberd Materials: Cast iron Castle of Nideggen, exhibits in keep (pole arms, including halbred, voulge and pollaxe). Photo by Sir Gawain, via WikiMedia Commons This object is a replica of a halberd [...]

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  • Object: Flag

    Oct 01, 2018

    I-0416a Flag German Germany Late 20th Century (1980’s) Materials: Cloth This object is a replica of the National Flag of the Federal Republic Germany that was given to the Institute of Texan Cultures by the German Consulate in 1988. While [...]

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