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  • Object: Doll

    Object: Doll

    Oct 03, 2018

    This doll is a figure of a dancing woman wearing a stylized Hispanic dress. Dresses like these were typically worn in a traditional Mexican folk dance. Baile Folklórico is Spanish for “folk dance” and is the term for the various [...]

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  • Object: Blanket

    Object: Blanket

    Sep 27, 2018

    I-0570c Baby Blanket Fort Worth, Texas 1927 Material: fabric In the Jewish tradition, baby boys are circumcised on the eighth day after their birth, where the foreskin of the penis is cut. This baby blanket was used for the donor’s [...]

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  • Object: Sampler

    Object: Sampler

    Sep 25, 2018

    2013.8.1 Sampler Book Dutch-American Ohio Date: 1900 Materials: Cardboard, paper, fabric. The origin of samplers dates back to the 16th century. When women saw a stitch or pattern they liked, they were stitched on a narrow band, so they had [...]

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