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  • Object: Sword

    Oct 03, 2018

    I-0163a Sword Filipino Materials: Cloth/Metal This sword is a dress sword for the Philippine Constabulary, but was found here in Texas. This sword, though it is from the Philippines, represents an interesting time in American history, the Spanish American war [...]

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  • Object: Saddle

    Oct 02, 2018

    2016.4.12 Pack saddle Kickapoo Mid to late 19th century Materials: Wood “Girl with Burro” by Ritzenthaler & Peterson, 1956. Photo via Milwaukee Public Museum. This is a Kickapoo saddle, used for horse riding. This saddle is only the wood base [...]

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  • Object: Hocking Knife

    Oct 02, 2018

    I-0546a Hocking Knife Spanish American New Mexico 16th Century Materials: Metal This object is a reproduction of a hocking knife. Hocking knives are ranching tools that would have been used to cut the ligaments on a cow’s back legs making [...]

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  • Object: Patch

    Oct 01, 2018

    KCOR Patch Tejano Texas Late 20th Century Materials: Cloth KCOR Radio and Television Station, 111 Martinez Street, between the San Antonio River and S. St. Mary’s Street. Image via Zintgraff Studio Photograph Collection, UTSA Special Collections — Institute of Texan [...]

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