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  • Object: Food Pestle

    Jul 25, 2019

    2016.4.17a-b Food Pestle Kickapoo Tribe Texas Materials: Wood   Mortar and pestles have a long history and varied uses by cultures around the world. The tool has been used to grind or crush all types of materials for centuries. They [...]

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  • Object: Miter

    Oct 03, 2018

    2013.13.7a-b Greek Bishop’s Miter Greek 20th Century Materials: Cloth/Paper/Ink/Metal/Thread/Glass This object is a Greek Bishop’s miter, or ceremonial headpiece.  It’s an elaborate headdress made from brocade, with elaborate embroidery and embellishments, and depicting Christian symbols and figures.   It belonged to [...]

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  • Object: Drum

    Oct 01, 2018

    I-0465a Drum Tigua Ysleta del Sur, TX 20th century Material: Leather, paint and wood This object is a Tigua drum. The Tigua community is based out of the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo, and is located in El Paso, Texas. The Ysleta del Sur [...]

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  • Object: Club

    Sep 27, 2018

    I-0113m Club Ute United States 20th Century Materials: wood, beads, threads Pre-contact Ute tribes. Map via: University of Utah, http://www.utefans.net Native Americans have a rich history in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Prior to the arrival of European settlers, [...]

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  • Object: Necklace

    Sep 27, 2018

    I-0432c Necklace Alabama-Coushatta Texas 20th Century Materials: Glass, plastic, and leather The tribal seal of the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas. Image from the Tribe’s Facebook page. This item is a necklace made by a member of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe of [...]

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