ITC Police Department

ITC PD officers provide 24-hour coverage and a uniformed presence throughout the year.

Our public safety officers provide assistance with parking, tour group arrival, first-aid, lost-and-found, and the Tag-a-Tot program during the ITC’s major events.

As a division of the UTSA Police Department, our officers may contact the UTSA Downtown Campus or other local law enforcement to request support from commissioned peace officers.

Officers are well-acquainted with schedules and services at the institute and are glad to assist with questions, directions and other information.


ITC First Floor PD Desk
Phone: 210-458-2246

Supervisor’s office: ITC 1.05.09


The UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures operates with input and instructions from the UTSA Office of Emergency Management. During inclement weather, please monitor UTSA Alerts or call 210-458-SNOW (7669) for the latest status on museum operations.

COVID-19 Procedures
Limited Access
  • Access to the Back 40 and outdoor pavilions is temporarily closed.
Face Coverings
  • Wearing face coverings on campus is a key component of a multilayered prevention strategy that all Roadrunners are strongly encouraged to practice, along with vaccination, handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, staying home when sick, and regularly sanitizing personal study and office spaces.
  • To learn more about UTSA's face covering recommendation, go to Face Coverings at UTSA.
  • Large events hosted at the ITC will be discouraged. Staff are monitoring current public health conditions and following recommendations from UTSA.
Policies and Procedures
Safety and Security
  • Alcohol consumption on UTSA property is normally not permitted. Serving alcoholic beverages at special events such as festivals or private rentals requires that there are uniformed police officers on duty.
  • Open containers will not be allowed off the premises during such events, per TABC regulations.
  • The ITC does not permit tailgating for UTSA football games.
Campus Carry Policy
  • With the exception of law enforcement officers, firearms will not be permitted inside the ITC facility. The Institute of Texan Cultures is classified as an exclusionary zone by UTSA. For more information, visit UTSA’s campus carry policies page: UTSA Campus Carry Policy
  • All drone flights over the UTSA Hemisfair Campus/ITC premises should be coordinated through the UTSA Office of Risk Management (210-458-4420).
  • To mitigate risk to people and property, ITC-PD reserves the right to request any drone pilot operating an unmanned vehicle over UTSA property without filing a flight plan or prior notice to the appropriate offices, to cease and desist flight operations.
  • Any drone flights using recordable media must comply with the institute’s photography policy.
ITC Flags
  • The large U.S. and Texas flags in front of the institute are the ITC-PD’s responsibility. The department oversees their raising, lowering and posting to half-staff. Please notify the ITC-PD in the event the flags are in poor repair. The PD will replace the flags as necessary.
Media on the premises
  • All media visits should be coordinated through ITC Communications at 210-458-2237. ITC-PD reserves the right to question any individual on the premises carrying what appears to be professional-grade camera equipment to determine the nature of the photographer or videographer’s presence.
  • The Institute has limited complimentary parking available for museum guests during regular business hours. The guest lot is in front of the building next to the display of flags, accessible via Cesar E. Chavez Blvd; the same entrance as the Tower of Americas, to the right of the guard station.
  • The ITC does not permit tailgating for UTSA football games.
Bus Parking
  • Complimentary parking for bus tours visiting the Institute of Texan Cultures is available. Please see the directions and map.
  • School groups that require additional vehicle parking are encouraged to use the front visitor lot. Please call in advance if you have concerns about the availability of parking spaces (210-458-2246).

    Google Map of UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures Bus Parking Area
  • Any professional photography on museum property that is not a function of ITC marketing or communications must be approved in advance through the museum’s Communications Office at
  • The museum reserves the right to approve the content of all photo shoots in advance. When applicable, photographers are solely responsible for obtaining appropriate releases from participants.
  • Professional photographers will be asked in advance to sign in and wear a visitor badge. When a professional photo shoot is scheduled, the museum’s Communications Office will advise appropriate departments, including ITC PD, in advance.
  • The Institute of Texan Cultures reserves the right to approach any photographer carrying what appears to be professional-grade equipment to determine the nature of the photo shoot, or if a rental, media visit, or student project has been coordinated through ITC Communications.