Past Exhibit

Texans One and All

January 1, 2018–January 1, 2019
At UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

Exhibit Overview

Texans One and All provides insight into the state’s multicultural heritage, and what diverse cultures have contributed to the state’s character while maintaining and honoring their own unique customs and practices. It is the people that make Texas the great state that it is! This exhibit examines the stories and customs of more than 20 of the original cultural groups who settled in Texas, and offers guests unique experiences such as:

  • Walk through today’s Tejano story
  • See how early Swedish Texans lived
  • Learn what Danish Texan sculpted Mount Rushmore
  • Read the story of the Lebanese pack peddler
  • Learn Wendish wedding customs
  • Hear the stories of Japanese American intern camp detainees
  • Learn to write Chinese numbers
  • See the Czech polka
  • Hear the blowing of the Jewish shofar
  • Read the stories of black Texans including baseball player Frank Robinson and Pearl Harbor hero Doris Miller

The exhibit will change as the museum updates content and specific areas of the exhibit floor.

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