Past Exhibit

Brewing Up Texas

October 21, 2017–May 5, 2019
At UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

Exhibit Overview

Beer, a beverage of ancient origin, arrived in Texas nearly two centuries ago via immigrants who had brewed it for generations.

“Brewing Up Texas” is guest-curated by longtime journalist and beer writer Travis E. Poling, and offers a statewide view of the role beer has played in shaping Texas.

Covering Texas brewing history from the 1840s to today, the exhibit offers interactive content highlighting the state’s earliest breweries, the impact of prohibition, Texas beer memorabilia, home brewing, and today’s rich tapestry of modern craft breweries.

Keep an eye out for hands-on programming, demonstrations, and special events linking the exhibit to brewery destinations outside the confines of ITC’s walls to treat your palate as well as your brain.

  • <strong>Brewing Up Texas Signage</strong><br />
  • <strong>Brewing Up Texas</strong><br />
  • <strong>Texas Beer Wall</strong><br />
  • <strong>Photo Booth</strong><br />
  • <strong>Brewing Up Texas History</strong><br />
  • <strong>Shiner Pulls</strong><br />
  • <strong>Piano Player</strong><br />
  • <strong>Sarah and Poling</strong><br />
  • <strong>La Rosa de San Antonio Bar</strong><br />