About Our Project

In 2020, the Institute of Texan Cultures received a generous grant from the Texas State Library and Archive Commission (TSLAC) to digitize an exhibit of significant cultural heritage. Formally known as, Digitizing the Cultural Heritage of Texas: Open Access to Exhibits from the Institute of Texan Cultures, this TSLAC grant has allowed ITC to highlight and further research the Sharecropper Cabin. Additionally, it has funded much needed software, hardware and digitization and preservation needs.

Tending the Soil is a collaborative project between The Institute of Texan Cultures and UTSA Libraries and UTSA Special Collections. Through combined efforts, expertise and collection resources, Tending the Soil is a pilot project that exemplifies the dynamic nature of these areas within the UTSA Libraries umbrella which came together to honor the lives and work of Texas Sharecroppers.